Welcome Milo – Birth Session – Sheboygan, Wisconsin


It took my awhile to sit down and blog Milo’s birth. Honestly, I just didn’t have the words yet. I felt like I had just going through something huge with Brittany and Garrett and didn’t know what to say to even share a fraction of the feeling that I had the day of Milo’s birth. Hopefully the images speak for themselves and I don’t have to say much at all.


At the very beginning of the year I found myself desperately wanting to photograph a birth. I am not sure why I had such a strong and sudden urge to do this. Like, I needed to find a mamma right then that was basically on her way to the hospital. Running a list of names through my head it dawned on me that Brittany was due in just days.  After a quick and very random message begging her to let me photograph her birth I found out she was in fact due a couple days earlier and I got this reply…


“I’m glad you messaged! I’ve definitely thought about it but didn’t know if it’s a weird request to some people.”



I guess her and I share the same love for this kind of weird. After assuring her that I was prepared to be there any time of day we were both left to wait. We did not have to wait long, later that day she started having contractions.


This part of things was all new for me. She was having contractions. What does that mean? Hours, days yet? Being my first birth session and the fact that I never labored with either of my children, I really had no idea. It wasn’t long. She was in the hospital shortly after midnight and I arrived a bit after. Maybe even a couple hours prematurely since I know that I can get from my bed to labor and delivery within 15 mins. (Learned this bit while breastfeeding my NICU baby)



Looking back, I wouldn’t have changed it a bit though. I was a silent observer to one of life’s most amazing and beautiful moments. This was an experience that I have never been close to. It was wildly intense, impressive, and wonderful. Seriously, Brittany was amazing. And Garrett right there with her.



I cannot thank you two enough for trusting me to be a part of such a huge moment for your family. This is the lead up from my point of view. Watch the video to see Brittany and Garret welcoming little Milo into the world.


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