Merry Christmas -The Sample Family, Caans Floral, Sheboygan, WI


When a 3 year olds pigtails are bouncing at full force for the entire session I know the images will be pure gold. I spent an hour with the Sample family as they explored the beautiful Caan’s Floral holiday display. It was so much fun watching the girls pick their favorite holiday pieces. More importantly it was wonderful to help this family start a new holiday tradition. As I left they were off to pick out a new ornament together that will hang on their Christmas tree for years to come. I am so glad Ryan and Leah will have this session to look back on and remember this holiday season with their little ones.


What I find most beautiful about this session is the loving glances a husband sneaks his wife as she shares kisses with their baby girl. The outfits that were perfectly sewn by mom. And the pit stop their littlest made to see Jesus all on her own.


Here is what Leah had to say about their holiday session


“What I love most about this session is that when I look at these pictures, I get to not only enjoy the beauty of them but remember the joyfully created moments we had, memories we made that day together as a family of four. That number may change again someday and I’m so thankful that if and when that happens, we’ll have these precious photos to recall the days that were. I loved seeing daddy and his girls. All of that and the fact that the stress was gone. We just got to come for the fun of it. I was grateful beyond imagination to have the opportunity to throw the rest into Whitney’s trusty hands and let her do what comes natural to her.

I was surprised most by how relaxed I actually was. It took me a little bit to get over the initial feeling of needing to “get ready” and make sure everything was “just so”. But I very quickly realized how different this session was about to be in comparison to all others I’d participated in in the past. I got to just sit back and watch my girls be adorable and enjoy themselves without a single distracting thought about documentation. I got to sit back and let the pro to her job!

My husband really enjoyed it. He was especially excited about the way the photos came out! I don’t know if he really knew what to expect at first but he was along for the ride and ended up loving it! He definitely wants to do another session like this in the future!”



Check out the slideshow of all the images from the Sample family’s holiday session.


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