Holiday Traditions

When I was a child my mom had the perfect Christmas tree set up for everyone to see in the living room. It had white lights, mint and peach glass bulbs and bells, strings of peach beads, tinsel, and topped off with an angel. This was ‘her’ tree constructed with perfection with a thousand lights and plenty of space between the branches so the ornaments could all hang just right. My sister and I were allowed to help decorate, although I have no doubt that what we hung was adjusted after we had went to bed.


The best part about my moms tree is that our ornaments did not go on it. Rather, we had our very own tree with our very own ornaments and colored lights. Some of our ornaments were hand made by us, but most of them were tiny wooden figures. There were horses, angels (with the most fragile wings), nutcrackers, reindeer, and more. It seems so odd that I remember these ornaments so well. The last time I remember decorating this tree with my sister I was four or five.dsc_8808dsc_8811


Since then I have no idea where these ornaments had gone, but when my oldest daughter celebrated her first Christmas I knew I wanted to find them. Lucky for me I hoped right on to etsy and was able to find a nice assortment. Addalyn participated in an ornament exchange that year so we put them on her wish list. We were so fortunate that the friend that received her name purchased a small collection for her. I remember tearing up as I opened the package and saw the same ornaments from my childhood. (Thank you Lacey and Luca!)dsc_8817dsc_8820As parents we get the choice the keep old traditions alive or start new ones of our own. In our house we do a little of both. Now it is my turn to carefully construct the perfect Christmas tree for our living room and my girls get to have their very own trees in their rooms each year. Whether it’s a new one or old, what is your favorite holiday tradition?

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