Most days you will find me at the table coloring, cutting, gluing, or taping some elaborate art project with my girls, or trying to slow time while  rocking my baby boy. While I am not working I am kept busy with two spunky little girls and a super sweet baby boy. Let me quickly mention my husband because he is amazing. I pull that man in a million directions and he is constantly impressing me with what he can do. It’s not a quite, calm, or simple life here are the Morales household, but it is a good one filled with lots of giggles, snuggles, and the occasional home renovation.

As a photographer I thrive on capturing real memories. When you look back at your photographs I want you to feel them. If your baby sucks her thumb to sleep, or your husband has grown the most handsome crows feet from years of smiling, I want to freeze those moments for you. Who you are right now is what I want to help you remember when you look back at your photographs for years to come.

Photo credit Tumbling Sparrow Photography