9DD_5263Currently I would describe my life as an of a off the rails version of a 50’s sitcom. Think I love Lucy meets Nanny 911. I kid…kind of! I had always known I wanted a family, I just didn’t know what my version of that would look like. Now I spend my days wrangling the most adorable little girls and my evenings thinking of more things to add to the honey-do list. Let me quickly mention my husband because he is amazing. I pull that man in a million directions and he is constantly impressing me with what he can do. So, that’s me, the kids, the husband, and my head full of ideas!

As a photographer I thrive on capturing real memories. When you look back at your photographs I want you to feel them. If your baby sucks her thumb to sleep, or your husband has grown the most handsome crows feet from years of smiling, I want to freeze those moments for you. Who you are right now is what I want to help you remember when you look back at your photographs for years to come.